Celebrities Who’ve Had Their Nude Pics Leaked Online

Celebrities are always in the public eye. It will not be an exaggeration to say that most of them spend their lives hiding from the paparazzi and some of them even die in their attempts. Remember Great Britain’s most loved Princess?

However hard they may try to run away from the tireless paparazzi army, celebrities do not always manage to hide. As a result, a nude pic of a star or a budding starlet is leaked on the web every so often.

It Takes A Hacker

Celebrities are so used to the myriad of dry klicks that they live in that they apparently make a lot of photos of themselves in the comfort of their homes, but the pics are often of somehow hedonistic nature.

As the majority of these revealing and exposing pics and videos are stored in the cloud, the cloud accounts of celebrities have always been the prime target of hackers from around the world.

The Victims

The infamous iCloud hack of 2014 saw illegally obtained photos of Jennifer Lawrence, Gabrielle Union and a large number of other celebrities spreading across the Internet like a wildfire.

Athletes like golf super star Tiger Woods and skiing champion Lindsay Vonn have also had their nude pics leaked online, following a hack of their personal cloud accounts.

Most hackers sell their “trophies” to show buzz magazines for a lot of money, but some of them go too far.

Rumors have spread that the hackers who had obtained an alleged sex tape of Mischa Barton asked for the breathtaking sum of half a million US dollars. Fortunately for Mischa, no one paid.

Male celebrities are not spared either. A tape showing Teen Wolf star Cody Christian jacking off was leaked online in 2017. The question why anyone would make a video of himself doing something like this remains open.

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