Why do women sleep with assholes? Do nice guys finish last?

This is nothing new – a guy will spend countless hours talking to a girl, whether online or in person or both, listening to her, getting to know her to the point where he’s practically become her best friend, only without the benefits. Then, he’ll see her with the asshole coworker or the guy who was the biggest jerk at school and wonder what he did wrong. It seems as if all his time was wasted.

It’s very discouraging. It’s sad to even know someone in this situation, isn’t it?

It’s a fact as old as time itself – no woman can resist a bad boy. They’ll come off as cute and charming, but they’re assholes, and that can become clear as soon as the first time you sleep with him, where he’ll finish in minutes and leave right after. It’s another well-known fact – you can’t resist them until they start treating you as badly as they do everyone else.

It would seem nice guys do finish last, as far as sex goes. It may be impossible for a woman to start a sexual relationship with someone she perceives as “just a friend”. That’s only in the beginning though. She’s getting to know you, and sex is much better when people really know each other and are in tune with each other’s needs. That’s where the asshole will fail. Good things take time, and great things DON’T happen all at once.

So do nice guys finish last? You be the judge. To me, it’s not about who gets laid first – it’s the quality of sex that counts. What’s more, there are many kinds of men, and “asshole” and “nice guy” are just two types. There’s also the asshole who’s trying to be nice, catfishing being an example of this behavior at its worst.

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